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Recycled Waste Products (RWP)

Helping the environment one box at a time.

Gabriel Container recycle waste product old corrugated box container Southern California

Recycle Waste Products is a division of Gabriel Container Co. RWP handles large scale recycling of OCC (old corrugated containers).

There are many benefits to recycling corrugated. Reducing environmental impact, increasing efficiency in waste disposal as well as the preservation of renewable resources are some of the benefits. Did you know recycling one ton of corrugated boxes saves over 9 cubic yards of landfill space, 390 kwh of energy, 46 gallons of oil and 6.6 billion Btu of energy? The beauty of this division of Gabriel Container Co. (RWP) is that the majority of the tonnage is being used internally for our own operation. Unlike others, the majority of their tonnage is being exported.

We give our clients peace of mind by knowing their OCC is not ending up in a landfill or washed out to sea. We take loose or bailed OCC and process it in our plant to be reused and made into new corrugated containers. We are proud to do our part to help our clients, our planet and future generations one box at a time. Saving trees everyday in sunny Southern California!

Let us help you create a positive experience for the environment

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